Civil Service Commission Computerized Examination (CSC-COMEX)

What is CSC-COMEX?

The Civil Service Commission Computerized Examination (CSC-COMEX) is a system that will automate and integrate each step in the administration of computerized examination, making the entire process faster, easier, and more efficient. It is undertaken by the CSC in collaboration with the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI), the research and development arm of the Department of Science and Technology.

What are the goals of the CSC-COMEX System Project?

  1. To develop a new computerized examination system
  2. To integrate and streamline examination processes
  3. To implement the system in all CSC Regional Offices
  4. To ensure a tamper-proof secured system
  5. To produce information linkages with other CSC systems for use in CSC operations

What are the fetures of the CSC-COMEX system?

  • Through CSC-COMEX, each Regional Office will run its own Testing Center. With the additional testing centers, the CSC will be able to accommodate more applicants for the computerized examination. At present, only the CSC Central Office and CSC-CAR are administering the computerized mode of examination.

  • Each Regional Testing CEnter will have its own local server to which testing computers shall be connected. Using an internet connectivity dedicated to CSC-COMEX, all local servers will then be connected to the central server at the Central Office (CO) for faster, easier, and more secure transmission of examination data.

  • The CSC-COMEX system will be available online so that interested examinaton applicants anywhere with an internet connection can apply and reserve a slot for a particular examination schedule.

  • The CSC-COMEX system will be connected to CSC’s existing databases such as the database of individuals barred from taking civil service examinations, the database of civil service eligibles, and the database on career service examinees’ frequency of taking examinations.

    The CSC-COMEX system will automatically verify the data provided by an applicant during registration against the said databases. Thus, cross-checking of data will be made faster and easier, and will produce more accurate results.

  • CSC-COMEX system allows an examinee to complete the application process, take the examination, and get his/her result in the same day. With the present Computer-Aided Test (CAT) system at the CO, an examinee has to go to the CSC office twice - first, to personnaly file an application, and second, to take the examination

  • The system is designed to ensure reliability of the conduct of examinations.

  • The system will make use of up-to-date software that meets the specifications of computers and servers currently available in the market.